Another Iceland Gull at Newhaven West Beach

I made a brief visit to the West beach at Newhaven late afternoon on friday (24th)  and was watching a mass of gulls around a fishing boat as it approached the harbour when I picked out an obvious adult white winged gull, my first thoughts were Glaucous Gull as it looked slighty larger than the many immature Herring Gulls present,but was probably due to the paleness of the bird. As the boat entered the harbour I lost sight of the gull and could not find it again.

I returned again yesterday late afternoon (25th) and watched a few small boats enter the harbour with only a handful of gulls following and no sign of it, as the tide was now ebbing I moved across to view the beach as the gulls were now starting to land on the sand, and after scanning those present I refound the bird which proved to be an adult Iceland Gull.


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  1. Lovely bird, nice pics Les

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