Rules of the blog

This blog is meant to be collaborative. I hope that in time that approach will extend to every decision about the way it looks and how it is run.

However, there are some rules that need to be in place right from the beginning. Here are my suggestions:

* We will not publish the whereabouts of scarce breeding birds during the breeding season. In line with the Sussex Ornithological Society, that includes species such as Peregrine, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Wood Lark, Black Redstart, Firecrest and Raven.

* At other times of year, we will not publish the roost sites of easily disturbed species such as Long-eared Owls or Hen Harriers.

* We will be sensitive to the needs of local people and landowners, and refrain from publishing sightings from areas with no public access. We are well served by public footpaths and access land, so this should not be a major issue.

* We’ll keep focused on our chosen area. The area covered by blog extends between Newhaven along the coast to Cuckmere Haven in the south, and up to Lewes, Ringmer and Arlington in the north. This is fairly arbitrary, but covers a diverse number of locations in and around the lower reaches of the Cuckmere and Ouse Rivers, including the Tidemills, Lewes Levels, Glynde Levels, Arlington Reservoir and Exceat. Crucially, it also centres on the relatively underwatched area of downland in the rough square beteen Beddingham, Berwick, Seaford and Denton, which would benefit from more detailed and regular reporting. Exceptional records from just outside this zone should be included, but in general reports should be from within it.

That’s it. In the first instance, I will moderate posts, but I guess this will be to maintain presentation as much as to check for inappropriate content.

Anything crucial missing? Please leave a comment below.


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