Iceland Gulls at Newhaven Harbour

The two Iceland Gulls found by David Cooper on Saturday afternoon were both present on Sunday and again today. The 2nd winter bird spends a lot of time patrolling the harbour and often rests on the wooden support structure next to the harbour masters hut. The 1st winter bird has arrived mid/late afternoon for the past two days and after a brief fly round has been roosting on the sand below the sea wall.





Corvus Corax at Newhaven West Beach

Apologies for the lack of posts recently hopefully they will be more regular this year.

A late morning visit to the West beach proved worthwhile as one of the local Ravens put on a show jostling with the many Gulls which proved no match for his ( or her ) aerial prowess. A few Fulmars on the cliff and a couple of Rock Pipits noted.

Immature Sabines Gull

Still present at Newhaven west beach, seen in better conditions this afternoon.


Immature Sabines Gull

Seen on west side of west breakwater at Newhaven Harbour this afternoon.


Plethora of Sandpipers

Computer problems finally sorted ( at last) and something to report locally, not a rarity but a build up of Common Sandpipers along the Ouse between South Heighton and Piddinghoe this evening totalled twenty eight birds,with twenty three together in one flock, I would have walked on further but the darkening sky sent me back home, thankfully just before the heavens opened . How many more might there have been heading towards Lewes ?  Over Piddinghoe Pond  60 odd Sand Martins were gathered not as many as Jake`s count at Arlington but a good movement in the area.

The local breeding pair of Canada Geese have been successful again this year, nothing new there you`re thinking, six fluffy goslings duly hatched and cared for by attentive parents it was only when they were fully feathered  with white facial features that I realised one hadn`t got any, in fact it looked to me to have morphed into a young Greylag Goose, most unusual. Answers ? well Greylag Geese have also been seen with young on Piddinghoe Pond so maybe a sortie onto the pond by the Canada`s and a mix up ensued with them returning with six young only one was not their own, possible I suppose but hardly likely, or maybe something genetically  in the parents past came to the fore with this youngster, anyway I guess I`ll never know but they are still on the river with a larger flock of Canada`s now, including one superficially anyway looking Greylag.


Spent the afternoon in a garden just south-west of Arlington Reservoir, to a constant soundtrack of Nightingale, Linnet and Common Whitethroat. 

These were briefly joined by Turtle Dove and Lesser Whitethroat, and late in the afternoon a Green Sandpiper flew over, heading East.

Purple Heron at Southease

A Purple Heron at Southease late this morning, found by Steven Munday.

Apparently it was last watched heading North and appeared to drop down on the Beddingham side of the Ouse at Rodmell.

Also an Osprey at Michelham Priory today.

Thanks to Jacob Everitt for both reports.